The Benefits of Proactive Preneed Services

Preneed Insurance benefits both funeral home owners and customers alike. That’s why we work hard to connect interested families with quality funeral homes and preneed counselors through our preneed appointment setting program.

For customers, funeral preplanning cuts out the emotional stress on families when making important funeral service decisions. The stress of an at-need funeral service can be too much for the deceased’s grieving family members. Additionally, it removes the financial burden from those who’ve been left behind.

For funeral professionals, preplanning ensures customers and families come to their funeral home in at-need situations, instead of simply going to the nearest funeral home. Preneed funeral planning also cuts out the discomfort of discussing pricing and financing issues with grieving family members.

Many funeral professionals are content with only addressing preneed customers as they walk through their door. Other funeral home owners are a bit more proactive in seeking preneed leads.

Domani Preneed improves the effectiveness of preneed lead generation and conversion by:

  • Generating high-quality leads
  • Turning leads into customers
  • Setting appointments via phone and text
  • Tracking preneed sales
  • Sales Reporting and CRM
  • Sales Training

Lead Generation

At Domani Preneed, we know the impact a caring funeral provider can have on the emotional wellbeing of families. That’s why we want to save you time by generating preneed leads on your behalf.

Quality lead generation is critical for success with a progressive preneed program. However, at Domani Preneed, we take that one step further by supplementing every lead source with best-in-class preneed appointment setting services. We set appointments for direct mail, social media, community events, and during aftercare messaging. Preneed marketing is a tricky business — let us help.

From the business perspective, the customer journey begins with some form of brand awareness tactic. After first contact with the brand (or in your case, your funeral home), potential customers begin the nurturing process.

A robust lead generation program is the gateway to your business — customers cannot find your business without first passing through this gateway. In a way, your front door paired with the sign outside your funeral home is a simplified lead generation tactic.

But, have you ever wondered if you’re doing enough to turn generated leads into actual customers?

That’s where Domani comes in.

The main services for funeral homes are at-need services. Most funeral directors don’t have time to focus on tasks other than their at-need services. The Domani Group helps funeral homes find new customers through preneed appointment setting services.

We know that connecting with families in your community is your highest priority — and that’s why it’s also our highest priority. We want to help get you in front of as many families as possible to help them understand the importance and value of prearranging their funeral.

Domani’s extensive and innovative preneed appointment setting service ensures that you’re reaching everyone in your market and educating them about the value of prearranging their funeral. Not only does Domani provide best-in-class appointment setting, but with our CRM and customized reporting, your counselors will be able to more effectively than ever convert valuable leads in preneed sales for your Funeral Home.

Appointment Setting

Selling preneed is a great way to increase at-need case volume, but it can be hard to justify spending time generating leads and setting appointments. We’ll do the heavy lifting while your preneed counselors make sales.

What we do for our family service counselors:

Fill Calendars

We fill your calendar with preneed appointments so your preneed counselors can focus on what they do best: sell preneed.

Increase Preneed Appointments

Domani Preneed boasts an experienced staff of appointment setters who are supplied with quality preneed leads. We can set more appointments than otherwise possible.

Increase Brand Exposure

Our appointment setting and follow up efforts increase brand recognition for your funeral home in your local area.

Normally, a funeral home will employ a preneed specialist or family services counselor to find leads, set appointments, and close sales.

Some funeral homes employ family service counselors to simply take care of walk-in customers seeking preneed services, without actively searching out sales at all.

Finding leads and setting appointments alone can take up the majority of your counselor’s time. The Domani Group will take care of those responsibilities, filling your counselor’s calendar with interested preneed leads. All your family service counselor needs to worry about is closing sales.

Sales Reporting & CRM

We track sales, close rates, appointments set, and other important sales data, so you can measure your success and make accurate goals. Through our intelligent reporting technology, funeral homes are more equipped to diagnose weak spots and holes in their sales process.

A successful preneed program is only successful if you’re able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and replicate that success — reliable customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you do just that.

Accurate and real-time sales reporting allows funeral home owners to track the changes to the sales process and the effectiveness of sales efforts. These precise reporting methods equip us to identify, target, and remedy weak points in marketing efforts.

Domani partners receive access to CRM software that will allow them to track leads, appointments, and sales, as well as any reporting data. The Domani Group provides a window into the health of your preneed program through accurate and up-to-date reporting features.

Along with providing you with these customer relationship tools, our experienced sales management staff will train you to identify gaps in your preneed program and deliver the proper training and materials to ensure that your preneed program is perfectly optimized. Quality CRM software is vital because the more you know about your customers, the easier it is to cater to their needs.